Artist: Undagawds
Titel: II'ND
Rap: Peter Manns
Beats: Thelonious Coltrane
Format: Vinyl 2LP (Album + Instrumentals), 500 Stk. limitiert
Guests: Kasia Konstance, Roger Rekless (only on digital edition)
Release: 17.6.22
Mastering: Mark Pfurtscheller
Mix: Uli Zeller
Kat.Nr.: SE125
Label: Sichtexot
After a short digression with High Jon on the beats, Peter Manns is reunited with his Brother of another Mother – Thelonious Coltrane – and they take the standard of the last album (2019) with „II'ND“ to the next level.
Everybody having seen those two on stage together knows about the energetically explosive chemistry of this extraordinary tag team. Their second LP is characterised by an evolution in sound and lyrics. Thelonious Coltrane’s productions cover an enormous spectrum between perfectly picked, overcompressed loops and brutally driving drumsets. With his self-critical, reflectiv, but also technically phenomenal lyrics, Peter Manns forms coherent songs, which not seldomly exceed the four-minute-mark. Lovingly arranged, with suitable citations and enchantingly applied vocal contributions from Kasia Konstance, many songs of the LP become modern RnB-highlights.
„II'ND“ creates the taste of fiery life with all of its ups and downs, of friendship, passionate musical-craftmanship and studio sweat by the bucket. We ought to be delighted to soothingly lie in each other's arms to the sound of „Run it Up“ or „Today I Die Again“, as soon as those two will be going on tour. Halleluja!
„Undagawds – II'nd“ drops on 2LP on the 17th June 22  via Sichtexot Records
Better pray!