Dream Cruise
Dream Cruise
Dream Cruise
Dream Cruise
Dream Cruise
Wun Two & Knowsum

Dream Cruise

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Interpret: Knowsum & Wun Two

Titel: Dream Cruise
Gäste: weegee
Format: Vinyl LP mit bedruckter Innenhülle
Release: 30.04.2020
Limitiert: 500 Stk.
Kat.Nr.: SE105
Label: Sichtexot

It is suspiciously quiet in the suddenly dreary universe. A black veil covers every creatures’ soul. Who stole their dreams?

Both Supernovalovers Kowsum and Wun Two are on their way searching the unknown cosmos for the long-lost good parts of life.

The sound of our young cadets beats through the orbit at zero gravity and pauses space and time for everybody. Complete planets last bouncing up and down in a trance-like state, guided by the rhythmic navigation-unit of our heros’ creaking ship, every further spoken word becomes unnecessary.

Merely weegee covers the lyrical part being the third and final KNO alter ego whose performance the world has called for desperately.

“Dream Cruise” is funky, carrying, soothing and optimistic. The music of two interstellar crown princes. Doubtlessly, the best part in our beat-universe.

Preorder of this cosmic sound-adventure starts on February 26th 2021. The LP will be released on April 30th 2021.

Float with us.


SXT? Heftiges Ding! Zweifelsohne eine absolute Empfehlung!

Kanye West, 2013

SXT ist die Gäng Gäng. Niemand behauptet was anderes.

Nina Simone, 1954