When The Bluebird Sings
When The Bluebird Sings
When The Bluebird Sings
When The Bluebird Sings
When The Bluebird Sings
When The Bluebird Sings
Leander Greitemann

When The Bluebird Sings

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Interpret: Leander Greitemann
Titel: When The Bluebird Sings
Release: 23.06.2023
Format: CD inkl Download-code, 3fach Gatefold, Linernotes
Prod., Mix & Mastering: Michael Geldreich
Kat.Nr.: ITS003
Label: into trembling silence

Leander Greitemann's debut album, "When the bluebird sings", is a solo Handpan album that takes listeners on a calming and meditative journey. The album's sound is a blend of composed ideas, that naturally flow into an improvised piece, recorded like a live jam in the studio. Listeners can expect to experience a range of emotions while listening to "When the bluebird sings". The music is introspective, inspiring and has a deep spiritual quality to it. It's clear that Leander's philosophy, which you might know from his talks and texts, is deeply embedded in his music. He invites listeners to take a moment of peace and introspection in their sometimes busy lives. Producer and Musician Michael Geldreich created an absolute unique sound surrounding for Leander’s Handpan compositions to unfold naturally. The last two songs of the album feature Leander’s friend Malte Marten, a worldwide Handpan Superstar.

Leander Govinda Greitemann started playing the Cello, when he was seven years old. In his teens and young adulthood, he recorded three albums and toured around Germany with several heavy metal bands, playing bass and screaming his lungs out. In 2020, during the covid lockdown, the Handpan came into his life and elevated his passion for music on a completely new level. Since then, he’s going nowhere without at least one Handpan, constantly playing, exploring and meeting new people to jam with. In his “other life” he is a renowned author and speaker on philosophy and modern spirituality.



01. Come sit with me on my balcony
02. Blue skies above the fog
03. Live like water
04. Dismantling mental myopia
05. Mindfog and Bluebird
06. Unfogging your mind
07. The Power of no(w)
08. Playful presence
09. Beyond concepts
10. We levitate  (feat. Malte Marten)
11. No goals. Just go (feat. Malte Marten & Michael Geldreich)
12. Letting go

Leander Greitemann:
When The Bluebird Sings


SXT? Heftiges Ding! Zweifelsohne eine absolute Empfehlung!

Kanye West, 2013

SXT ist die Gäng Gäng. Niemand behauptet was anderes.

Nina Simone, 1954