handful (cream white)
handful (cream white)
handful (cream white)
handful (cream white)

handful (cream white)

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Limited edition of 300 copies on cream white vinyl!

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Artist: FloFilz
Title: handful
Vocal features: KALLITECHNIS
Producer features: Rob Araujo, Wun Two, HNNY, Hubert Daviz, Gabiga
Release: 05.07.2024
Format: Vinyl || Edition: cream white vinyl (300 copies!)
Mastering: Mark Pfurtscheller
Illustration: Enikő Katalin Eged || Artwork Design: Parissa Charghi
Cat.Nr.: CLG039 || UPC: 198588001554
Label: casual low grind


Berlin-based beatmaker FloFilz is gearing up to unveil his latest musical journey "handful" via Cologne beat label casual low grind this summer. With a career spanning over a decade, FloFilz has earned international acclaim for his distinctive production, getting the attention of listeners worldwide.

His new release serves as a culmination of 10 tracks crafted over a two-year period, showcasing FloFilz's skill as an artist. Collaborating with both longtime friends (Hubert Daviz, Wun Two) and new musical companions (Rob Araujo, HNNY, Gabiga), the record reflects his diverse influences and experiences, including a stay at a songwriting camp in France in late summer '23. The impressive roster of internationally renowned producers and the additional feature by talented Los Angeles-based singer KALLITECHNIS, adding a dynamic dimension to the project.

Describing the project FloFilz shared, "It’s kind of a breather, a way to remind myself of the journey so far and what’s to come. A handing to old and new listeners, a waypoint and a thank you."

The „handful" EP (limited cream white edition) will be released on cream white colored vinyl with only 300 copies available including two vinyl only bonus tracks. Release date: July 5th, 2024. 

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A1 Early Birds (w/ HNNY)
A2 Catta Pilosa (w/ Shuko)
A3 Wisdom
A4 Cloverleaf (w/ Hubert Daviz)
A5 Ovinhos (w/ Wun Two)
A6 Vulkán

B1 Nightly Passage (w/ Rob Araujo)
B2 Magic (w/ Kallitechnis)
B3 Nap Lines (Outro)
B4 Lost South (Vinyl Bonus)
B5 Desert Love (Vinyl Bonus)
B6 Magic (Instrumental)



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