The Replacement Service Tape

The Replacement Service Tape
Artist: Hubert Daviz
Title: The Replacement Service Tape
Features: Rob Who!?, Anthony Draw & Wun Two
Genre: Instrumental Hip Hop, Lo-Fi Beats
Release Date: December 17, 2021
Label: casual low grind
Format: digital

Cologne’s Hubert Daviz might be one of the best beatmakers you have never heard of. This man has been releasing fuzzy psychedelic lo-fi hip-hop beats long before playlists even were a thing. Legions of Fruity Loops imposters keep his record sleeves up on their wall. Still, his low-key personality didn’t allow him to get caught up in the fame and ego game. Instead, he has been hiding away in the shadows, working on his discography, smoking a spliff, meditating.

On his new mini-album »The Replacement Service Tape«, the mysterious beatsmith gets decidingly weird, quirky and eccentric, while not losing his natural chill. These tunes sound like there’s something missing in them, but something else is replacing it. You should not be misusing this music as a generic backdrop for studying in your Altbau apartment. Instead, you can make it work as an exercise in mindful listening – as each element in the mix has been tastefully chosen, carefully placed and then underpinned by the most subtle and refined drum sounds ever sampled. To hear is something entirely else than to listen.

»The Replacement Service Tape« is the first release on the new imprint casual low grind that Hubert Daviz is running together with long-time associate Anthony Drawn of Sichtexot fame. There’s more where this is coming from.
(Text: Stephan Kunze)