Minor Sights

Minor Sights
Interpret: Tajima Hal
Titel: Minor Sights
Release: 15.10.2021
Format: Vinyl LP
Artwork: Anton Pfurtscheller
Photos: Pistachio Studio
Kat.Nr.: SE112
Label: Sichtexot
Tajima Hal – Minor Sights

Eight LPs in numerous groupings as well as various EPs and singles after his appearance on Sichtexotica III, the japanese beatmaker Tajima Hal sets foot on European soil again with his next LP.

This means: intercontinental flavour for the German beat scene.

Breakbeats, Latin vibes, slow jams and disco dreams roar from energizingly to thoughtfully and calmingly through the Tokyo/Kanagawa-based producer’s basement club. His lush drum-arrangements and lovingly chosen instrumentals lead through a musical cosmos, in which everything between atmospheric layers, nested vocal cuts and acoustic guitars is reconciled. Guiding through multiple musical epochs, this is a homage to our dealing with things, our contemporary history and our togetherness.

Tajima Hal kind of loops, kind of beats, kind of love.

„Minor Sights“ is being released on 15th October 2021 on vinyl LP and in a digital version via Sichtexot Records. A CD-version (Japan only) will be available in collaboration with Jazzy Sport.