The Ghost

The Ghost
Interpret: Hi John & Peter Manns
Titel: The Ghost
Release: 21.01.2022
Format: digital only
Artwork: Russlan
Kat.Nr.: SE117
Label: Sichtexot

High John, the golden boy of Hip Hop Jazz Fusion and Peter Mann, voice of the Undagawds alongside Thelonious Coltrane, join hands for a thoughtful and uplifting tête-à-tête in an explosive groove.

At 10 reference stations, the two calculate with their own vulnerability, losses and fears of the last few years. In an authentic and touching way, Peter Manns guides you through his experiences with High John's aptly picked instrumentals.

Between interspersed and grounding interludes, maternal expertise and love, all those difficult topics are still overshadowed by an incredibly energetic delivery that in the end only makes one conclusion seem sensible:
Music preserves our sovereignty. It is our reflective anchor towards the flow of things and as long as that is the case, nothing throws us off course.

Time for reflection.