Interpret: Lidly
Titel: Tokyo (SXT Tracks)
Release: 11.06.2021
Format: digital only
Cover: (Foto: Lidly Artwork: Anton Pfurtscheller)
Kat.Nr.: SE105
Label: Sichtexot

Since Sichtexotica III Japan came out, Lidly has belonged to the closest circle around the Sichtexot collective.
In addition to the album-length collaboration with Eloquent, it is above all the constant, inspiring exchange between Mainz and Tokyo that connects Lidly and Sichtexot.
Abstract, trippy and relaxing, the first solo release at Sichtexot is finally coming in the form of a four-track “SXT TRACKS” EP.
Accentuated surfaces meet sensitive bass work and supporting drum grooves. Lidly leads through his thoughtful funk in his very own style and makes “Tokyo” a piece of progressive, contemporary hip-hop art.