Conversations In Blue
Conversations In Blue
Conversations In Blue

Conversations In Blue

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Artist: Midan
Title: Conversations In Blue
Guests: FloFilz, Emapea
Release: 17.05.2024
Format: Vinyl LP
Edition: 300 Stk. (hand-numbered)
Artwork: Anton Pfurtscheller
Fotos: Pangea
Cat.Nr.: CLG035
Label: casual low grind

The new LP by cologne based beatmaker Midan: An Ode to the Metronom

In the heart of Cologne, amidst the bustling streets lies a time capsule called the Metronom—a haven for jazz enthusiasts and a sanctuary for soulful conversations. It was within these hallowed walls that Midan found inspiration for his latest sonic journey.

Introducing „Conversations in Blue“ an album that transcends the boundaries of time, paying homage to the jazz-infused soul of a bygone era. As the needle gently graces the vinyl, Midan‘s beats unfold like a modern-day symphony echoing the essence of classic jazz.

Conversations In Blue


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