Sole Spirito (special)
Sole Spirito (special)
Sole Spirito (special)
Sole Spirito (special)
Wun Two & Made in M

Sole Spirito (special)

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Special limited edition with a vinyl postcard with an exclusive song only on this postcard (playable on a record player!) - 200 copies.

Artist: Wun Two & Made in M 
Title: Sole Espirito
Mastering: digitalluc
Release: 28.06.2024
Format: Vinyl LP + Postcard
Limited edition: 200 copies
Vinyl artwork Andreas Pedersen
Cat.Nr.: SE149
Label: Sichtexot Records

Renowned for their distinctive contributions to the global lofi beat scene, Wun Two and Made in M, two of Germany’s most delicate producers, announce their collaborative album, "Sole Spirito," set to release on June 28th, 2024.

With careers spanning over a decade, both Wun Two and Made in M have left an indelible mark on the genre, pioneering its raw yet chill aesthetic. 
Wun Two, known for his signature lofi instrumental hip hop, has recently showcased his versatility through collaborations with acclaimed rappers such as Conway the Machine, Da Flyy Hooligan and Ben Beal and similarly Made in M who has garnered acclaim for his latest lofi house project, Flux LP, showcasing his prowess in creating genre crossing productions.

"Sole Spirito" marks the first full-length collaborative effort between the two producers, who have been long-time friends and mutual admirers of each other's work. The album, comprising 18 tracks, was largely conceived during a songwriting producer camp in southern France in late summer 2023. It was there that they also crossed paths with L.A.-based rapper Yungmorpheus, who features on two of the album's tracks.

With a lot of nostalgic charm of 70s Italo wave, "Sole Spirito" transports listeners to an era of Italian cinema characterized by lush lifestyles, eroticism and vintage nostalgia.

Wun Two & Made in M:
Sole Spirito