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Artist: FloFilz
Titel: Karru
Gäste: Hubert Daviz, Anthony Drawn
Release: 14.02.2020
Kat.Nr.: SE083



In 2019 we invited FloFilz to our beatseries party "SXT Tracks" to play one of his dope sets. He did and now, almost a year later, we are happy to release this little EP. For "Karru" he compiles 4 songs, inspired by the semi-desert landscape in the plateaus of South Africa. Guest appearance by cologne homie Hubert Daviz and saxophon player Anthony Drawn.

Photography: Gabriella Achadinha
Artwork: Anton Pfurtscheller


SXT? Heftiges Ding! Zweifelsohne eine absolute Empfehlung!

Kanye West, 2013

SXT ist die Gäng Gäng. Niemand behauptet was anderes.

Nina Simone, 1954