When The Sky Falls Down
When The Sky Falls Down
When The Sky Falls Down
Thelonious Coltrane

When The Sky Falls Down

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Interpret: Thelonious Coltrane
Titel: When The Sky Falls Down
Gäste LP: Eloquent, Peter Manns, Kasia Konstance, Lovedana, Kevoe West, Turkish Soulcat
Kat.Nr.: SE098
Label: Sichtexot
Format: Vinyl LP (limitiert, 250 Stk. black Vinyl)
Release: 23.10.2020
Artwork by Hotaka Kojima


All tracks Produced by Thelonious Coltrane. "Sellin" co-produced by Kevoe West, "North41" co-produced by team Kasia, "Thug" & "Prelude a'la Mister Trompete" co-produced by Turkish Soulcat.

"Quenttrain" performed by Eloquent

"Dusty" performed by Peter Manns. Contains vocal samples by Kasia Konstance

"North 41 (Alternate Take)" Bass by Amy Gadiaga & Beau Diakowicz, Guitar by Beau Diakowicz, Vocals and Flute by Kasia Konstance

"Cosmic Dust (The Remix)" performed by Kasia Konstance, Trumpet by Ife Ogunjobi

"The Cat" contains samples performed by Naum Bleek & Denis Galushko Trio

"Listen Love" contain samples of "Apelsin" by Lovanda

Thelonious Coltrane:
When The Sky Falls Down


SXT? Heftiges Ding! Zweifelsohne eine absolute Empfehlung!

Kanye West, 2013

SXT ist die Gäng Gäng. Niemand behauptet was anderes.

Nina Simone, 1954